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    1 week ago
    Another soon to be loyal OWS customer. This skid is going to a brewery. 1000 bottles per minute rinser. Amazing to see bottles fill this fast and an ozone system that can provide control to such a reactive changing demand.
    2 months ago
    Exactly right.... making ozone sustainable evolves from solid engineering design, manufacturing quality products, an…
    3 months ago
    Wise words...It is not about how many grams or pounds of ozone a system needs. If you need ozone work with a system…
    3 months ago
    Ozone is not about grams/hr or lbs/day... it is about how we make ozone work for the customer. Yes this is the brai…
    3 months ago
    Ambient ozone monitoring is crucial. Fire code states any ozone generator over 10 grams/hr must comply. Does your…
    4 months ago
    At the IOA ozone conference all week.  Got back to the office and see this skid driving down the road to the custome…

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