AZA 2019

Thank you AZA and the over 3000 attendees who visited Ozone Water Systems in New Orleans earlier this week! OWS is proud to support ozone as the evolution continues for life support in the aquarium/zoo industry.

The only ozone supplier

OWS is the only ozone supplier to offer a standard fire code compliant, UL listed, air fed, Ethernet, PLC/HMI, cabinet conditioned for outside rating, and backed by true customer ownership and support for years to come. Quality, Pure and Simple…

ozone system pictures

Low Water Level

Always ensure your ozone degas valve has a water level. If not the entire ozone contact tank is full of gas and no water disinfection…. this one, downstream of a bead filter gathered beads and clogged the orifice on the valve. A simple fix and ozone back to work…


Degas leak fix


19 years ago this ozone contact skid was installed at St. Louis Zoo. The degas (bubble removal) separator recently leaked. Constant erosion on the spinning ozonated water eventually ate the stainless steel. OWS sent a stock unit to replace. Not bad for a 19 year warranty.