To educate, promote, and demonstrate ozone technology to the world by providing engineering assistance, system design, quality manufacturing, innovative products, and responsible service.

A global understanding of the most powerful natural oxidant available, ozone, as a water purification solution. We will achieve this vision by providing turn-key solutions that maximize water ozonation system efficiency through our unique combination of innovative designs, outstanding service, high-quality products, and superior technical expertise.

Ozone Water Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994 with the initial purpose of servicing ozone generation equipment. We are factory trained to service a multitude of ozone equipment types from such companies as Ozonia, Osmonics, PCI Wedeco, Pacific Ozone Tech, Hankin Ozone, Del Industries, and Clearwater Tech. While servicing of ozone units we earned the trust and respect of our customers. This trust initiated service contracts and company growth. To date, we have over 50 monthly service accounts and strive on maintaining responsive relations with each account.

Years of working with various ozone equipment product lines has given us the first-hand experience we need to know which product is best suited to fit your specific set of requirements. Today we know that providing a complete ozone system versus a serviced product is by far more beneficial to our customers. Successful ozonation sometimes requires combining components built by more than one vendor and by working various manufacturers we can provide our customers with a true turnkey system from a single source.

We have designed, installed, and serviced ozone systems used for purification and odor abatement by municipal districts, bottled water plants, and food processing plants; life support for aquariums; and in lieu of chlorine by theme parks and the motion picture industry just to name a few.

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