We have strong relationships with ozone equipment manufacturers and our technicians attend regular training to ensure that they have the latest information available on your equipment. Even if you didn’t purchase your ozone system from us, the team at Ozone Water Systems can help you track down those hard to find replacement parts and ensure that you get the parts you need as quickly as possible. Here are just a few examples of our regularly stocked replacement parts.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOWS Part Number
5.0005Liquid line filter drier 41 C.5.0005
5.00147/8″ ODF Moisture indicator5.0014
5.00241-5/8″ ODF Suction filter5.0024
5.00337/8″ ODF Solenoid valve less coil5.0033
5.0476MKC2 120/50/60 Coil5.0476
5.05061-1/4″ S-15 Y Strainer5.0506
5.1136SPORLN TXV (SSE-6-C-1/2″x5/8″)5.1136
6.0020PT150MLI Transformer 150KVA6.0020
6.0117Replacement fuse for Filtrine PCP-1000S-140A-WP, (9 per unit)6.0117
6.0153250V Midget SB Fuse 3A, (3 per unit)6.0153
6.0173FLQ3 500V 3A Midget Time Delay6.0173
6.0177600V Midget Time Delay 7A6.0177
6.0180600V 10A Midget SB Fuse6.0180
6.019030323 Midget Fuse Block 30A6.0190
6.1384Replacement fuse for Filtrine PCP-1000S-140A-WP, (6 per unit)6.1384
6.41096Aux. Contact Block – (2) NC6.41096
6.437843 Amp Contactor6.4378
6.43793 Pole 120V Coil 9A6.4379
6.4384800F Green Pilot Light – Metal6.4384
6.4385AB Plastic Latch6.4385
6.4388800F Contact block6.4388
6.4392AB Relay/Overload6.4392
6.4397800F Selector Switch – Plastic6.4397
6.4404Green LED Module6.4404
6.4405Red LED Module6.4405
6.4410800F Red Pilot Light – Metal6.4410
6.4511120V relay w/pilot light6.4511
6.451214 Blade mini fuse relay base6.4512
7.0005Replacement fan for Filtrine PCP-1000S-140A-WP7.0005
8.00051″ Vibration Elim8.0005
8.00071-5/8″ Vibration Elim VAF-118.0007
9.0004Chrome sight glass9.0004
11.0007904 Oil Separator11.0007
0011.071Tubing, Teflon (FEP) lined tygon, 3/8″ OD x 1/4″ ID0011.071
14.0113Replacement pump/motor for Filtrine PCP-1000S-140A-WP14.0113
14.2114AM ST 2 HP 3 HP Pump14.2114
21.0004Upright Receiver 12-3/4″ x 24″21.0004
24.0131Bauk dual high pressure controller24.0131
24.0132PSI-X5K 230/290 Pressure regulator24.0132
27.0100Muffler 1-1/8″ ODF27.0100
27.1025Bitzer Comp. (4C2067PH)27.1025
27.1327Bitzer 120V crank case heater27.1327
29.0024Oil pressure control29.0024
40.0039Replacement pump seal for Filtrine PCP-1000S-140A-WP40.0039
43.003130-0-150 psi Pressure gauge43.0031
43.0032Head pressure gauge w/no snubb43.0032
44.0020Time Delay low pressure cut out44.0020
44.0080Ranco 2-Stage temperature controller44.0080
0131.202PFA male adapter, 1/4″ MNPT x 1/4″ flare0131.202
0131.505PFA male adapter, 1/2″ NPTM x 1/2″ flare0131.505
0133.1010Furon straight union, 1″ flare x 1″ flare0133.1010
0133.205PFA flare Reducer 1/2″ X 1/4″0133.205
0139.505PFA flare union, 1/2″ x 1/2″, 90°0139.505
0141.1010Furon male adapter, 1″ flare x 1″ MNPT0141.1010
0141.2021/4″ PFA Flare X 1/4″ MPT 90deg Elbow0141.202
0141.505PFA flare male adapter, 90°, 1/2″ x 1/2″ NPTM0141.505
0146.222PFA Flare Male Union Tee 1/4″ X 1/4″ X 1/4″0146.222
0146.555PFA flare union Tee, 1/2″x1/2″x1/2″0146.555
00170Orec SP19 cabinet air filter, 6x6x100170
215.500Fuse F1 UL/CSA Type, 0.5A, HC500215.500
216.200Safety Fuse, 0.2A, Medium Delay Action, 5x20mm, 250V *Recommended spare216.200
0317.091Tubing, Teflon (PFA), 3/8″ od x 5/16″ id0317.091
0317.135Tubing, Teflon (PFA), 5/8″ OD x 1/2″ ID0317.135
0319.037Tubing, Teflon (FEP) 1/4″ OD x 1/8″ ID0319.037
0319.043Tubing, Teflon (FEP) 1/4″ OD x 5/32″ ID0319.043
0319.071Tubing, Teflon (FEP), 3/8″ OD x 1/4″ Id, 1″ bend radius0319.071
0319.107FEP TUBING, 1/2″ OD X 3/8″ ID0319.107
0319.437Tubing, Teflon (FEP) 1/4″ OD x 1/8″ ID, This comes in minimum 100′ lengths0319.437
0484Mazzei venturi injector, 1/2″ MNPT, black, Kynar0484
0526.0253/8″ OD X 1/4″ ID Polyethylene Tubing Black0526.025
0584Mazzei venturi injector, 3/4″ MNPT, black, Kynar0584
0585.037Polyurethane flexible tubing, 1/4″OD x 1/8″ ID, clear0585.037
0602.031Kynar 1/4″ Tube x 1/8″ MPT, male adapter0602.031
0602.033Kynar 1/4″ Tube x 1/4″ NPTM, male adapter0602.033
0602.053Kynar 3/8″ Tube x 1/4″ NPTM, male adapter0602.053
0602.055Male 90, 3/8″ x 1/4″ MT PVDF0602.055
0602.056MALE CONN 3/8″OD X 1/2″MT PVDF0602.056
0602.063Kynar 1/2″ Tube x 1/4″ MPT, male adapter0602.063
0607.033Kynar 1/4″ Tube x 1/4″ FPT, female adapter0607.033
0612.033Kynar 1/4″ x 1/4″ tube union0612.033
0612.053Kynar 3/8″ x 1/4″ tube reducing union0612.053
0612.055Kynar 3/8″ tube union0612.055
0617.033Kynar 1/4″ Tube bulkhead union0617.033
0627.033Kynar 1/4″x 1/4″x 1/4″ tube tee0627.033
0627.055Kynar 3/8″ compression tee0627.055
0637.031Kynar 1/4″ Tube x 1/8″ MPT, 90Deg male adapter0637.031
0637.033Kynar 1/4″Tube x 1/4″ MPT, 90Deg0637.033
0637.053MALE EL 3/8″OD X 1/4″MT PVDF0637.053
0652.0061/2″ Kynar Jaco Gripper Nuts00652.0061
0657.0061/2″ Kynar Jaco Insert00657.0061
0684Mazzei venturi injector, 3/4″ MNPT, black, Kynar0684
0784Mazzei venturi injector, 3/4″ MNPT, blue, Kynar0784
0878Mazzei venturi injector, 1″ MNPT, black, Kynar0878
919Carulite 200, low temp oxidation media/catalyst for destruct919
5B415Pressure Switch,20 – 40PSI, 1Port, DPST,10A..00932
0978Mazzei venturi injector, 1″ MNPT, black, Kynar0978
01023Orec dielectric water jacket end cap, machined01023
1212.056Adapter / Connector, NPTM x PTC, 3/8″, polypro1212.056
1224.055Elbow, Stem x PTC, 3/8″ tube, polypro1224.055
1225.055Union connector 3/8″ push X 3/8″ push polypro1225.055
1226.053RDC 3/8″STEM X 1/4″OD ACETAL..PI061208S1226.053
1227.055Tee, Push to Connect PTC, 3/8″ tube, polypro1227.055
1231SeQual gear motor, 2.4 RPM @ 60 Hz, 120/240, for 1242/31611231
1235.0552-WAY DIV 3/8″ IN/OUT ACETAL1235.055
1242.033PVDF male connector 1/4″ MNPT X 1/4″ tube push connector1242.033
1242.053PVDF male connector, 1/4″ MNPT x 3/8″ tube, push connect1242.053
1242.056PVDF male connector 1/2″ MNPT X 3/8″ tube push connector1242.056
1260.031Elbow, NPTM x PTC, 1/8″pipe x 1/4″ tube, polypro1260.031
1268SeQual gear motor, 2.4 RPM @ 50 Hz, 120/ 220vac, 50/60Hz1268
1272.0531/4″ MPT X 3/8″ Push Union polypro1272.053
1313Compressor, Thomas 2602 w/fittings1313
1407.13090° REDUCING ELBOW PVC, 1″ hose INSERT x ½” NPTF, PVC..1407.130
01459Orec SP3 SP38 cabinet air filter, 10x10x101459
1950.004Fiberglass Deep Well Strut 1 5/8″ X 1 5/8″ comes in 20′ lengths1950.004
2010Magnahelic gauge, 0-10″ H2O, 1/8″ NPT2010
2030Magnahelic gauge, 0-30″ H2O, 1/8″ NPT2030
2106.005Elbow 90°, blue PE, 0.50″ socket2106.005
2106.040Elbow 90°, blue PE, 4″ socket2106.040
2108Orec SP19 SP38 SP3 transformer, PRI 1-2 230V 60Hz, SEC 3-4 15KV .067A2108
2109.005Coupling, blue PE, 0.50″ socket2109.005
2109.040Coupling, blue PE, 4″ socket2109.040
2111.005Flange adapter, blue PE, 0.50″ socket2111.005
2111.040Flange adapter, blue PE, 4″ socket2111.040
2112.005Flange backing ring, coated poly, 0.50″2112.005
2112.040Flange backing ring, poly coated metal, 4″2112.040
2195Control board, for PDS-200 ozone generator2195
2198DISCONTINUED Control Board, Wedeco generators.2198
22274 SCR Pulse Board, HT1002227
2602Compressor, Thomas for Sequal.See PN 13132602
02851Filter Kit 50 Particle filters and Flurocarbon O-rings02851
PB-8 3phCincinnati Fan, pressure blower (Arr.4), 4″ inlet, CW rotation, UB discharge, 8×2-3/4″ ACFM 150/SP 0.5 in wg/temp 70/altitude 0/1, 1/3 hp, 3450 RPM 230-460vac 3ph/60Hz02891
3087Aquafine UV lamp DE standard 185 blue, double ended3087
3090Mazzei injector, 3″ MNPT, PVDF/Kynar, black3090
3101.0202″ LXT-PVC Tee SxSxS3101.020
3101.0303″ LXT-PVC Tee SxSxS3101.030
3106.0302″ LXT-PVC 90° Elbow, SxS3106.030
3137.249PVC LXT BUSH N80 2″ X 1″ SPGXS3137.249
3137.3383″ x 2″ LXT-PVC spigot x socket reducer bushing3137.338
3151Heater, .75KW, 120/240vac, 1.25″NPT3151
3155.0303″ LXT-PVC pipe flange, van stone, socket3155.030
3157.5202″ socket X socket Union, LXT-PVC Sch403157.520
3184Aquafine quartz sleeve, 30″, for CSL series UV system3184
3197Compressor kit, Workhorse 8C (#5477) and others.3197
319860″ quartz sleeve3198
3402.131PVC Sch80 “T” 1″ S x3/4″ NPT x 1″ S3402.131
3411Compressor sleeve, Workhorse 8C (#5477) and others3411
3475.120APPL 1″ BRUSH IN PLST CAP W/HNDL3475.120
3485.020Clear Sch80 PVC Primer (1pint)3485.020
3485.040PVC/CPVC PRIMER GAL CLR P70 ..P-70 CLEAR, GALLON PC13485.040
3605.0073/4″ X 3/4″ X 3/4″ Sch 80 PVC Tee3605.007
3675.0101/2 PNT Gray CPVC Cement3675.010
3801.0101″ Sch 80, PVC Tee, SxSxS3801.010
3801.0121-1/4″ TEE3801.012
3801.0151 1/2″ Sch 80, PVC Tee, SXSXS3801.015
3801.020Sch 80 PVC 2″ Tee SxSxS3801.020
3801.030Sch 80 PVC 3″ Tee SxSxS3801.030
3801.060Sch 80 PVC 6″ Tee SxSxS3801.060
3805.0073/4″ Sch 80, PVC Tee, TxTxT3805.007
3806.0121-1/4″ 90 elbow3806.012
3806.020Sch 80 PVC 2″ 90 Elbow3806.020
3808.020Sch 80 PVC 2″ 90° elbow SxS3808.020
3817.0121-1/4″ 45 elbow3817.012
3817.0202″ Sch 80 PVC 45 elbow3817.020
3820.0121-1/4″ Cross3820.012
3834.0121-1/4″ adapter3834.012
3836.010Sch 80 PVC male pipe adapter socket x NPTM, 1″3836.010
3836.0202″ Slip X MPT Adaptors3836.020
3837.1681-1/4″ x 1″ slip reducer3837.168
3837.2091-1/2″ x 1/2″ slip reducer3837.209
3837.2111-1/2″ x 1″ reducer bushing PVC3837.211
3837.2121-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ reducer3837.212
3837.2492″ x 1″ reducer bushing, spigot x slip3837.249
3837.2512″ x 1-1/2″ reducer bushing, spigot x slip3837.251
3837.3363″ x 1¼” PVC spigot x socket reducer bushing3837.336
3837.3373″ x 1 1/2″ PVC spigot x socket reducer bushing3837.337
3837.3383″ x 2″ PVC spigot x socket reducer bushing3837.338
3837.4204″ x 2″ reducer bushing, spigot x slip3837.420
3837.532Sch 80 PVC 6″ x 4″ slip reducer3837.532
3838.1013/4″ x 1/2″ reducer3838.101
3838.1301″ x 1-1/2″ reducer3838.130
3838.1661-1/4″ x 1/2″ reducer3838.166
3838.1681-1/4″ x 1″ reducer3838.168
3838.2101-1/2″ x 3/4″ reducer3838.210
3838.2121-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ reducer3838.212
3838.2422″ x 1/2″ reducer3838.242
3838.247Sch 80 PVC reducer bushing SPGxT 2″ x 1/2″3838.247
3838.248Sch 80 PVC reducer bushing SPGxT 2″ x 3/4″3838.248
3838.338Sch 80 PVC reducer bushing SPGxT 3″ x 2″3838.338
3839.0721/2″ x 1/4″ reducer3839.072
3839.0731/2 x 3/8 Reducer3839.073
3839.098bushing, PVC, 3/4″ NPTM x 1/4″ NPTF3839.098
3839.099bushing, PVC, 3/4″ NPTM x 3/8″ NPTF3839.099
3839.2091-1/2″ X 1/2″ PVC sch80 Reducing Bushing3839.209
3839.248Sch 80, 2″ x 3/4″ reducer bushing, thread x thread3839.248
3848.0101″ Sch 80, PVC Cap, NPTF3848.010
3848.0121¼” Sch 80, PVC Cap, NPTF3848.012
3848.0151½” Sch 80, PVC Cap, NPTF3848.015
3850.005Sch 80 PCV 1/2″ plug, MPT3850.005
3850.0073/4″ MPT Sch80 Plugs3850.007
3850.0101″ PVC sch80 MPT Plug3850.010
3851.0151- 1/2″ PVC sch80 Flange Slip3851.015
3851.0202″ 4 bolt Slip flange3851.020
3853.0151-1/2″ Blind Flange3853.015
3854.012NEO FLG GSK FLT 1.25″3854.012
3854.015NEO FLG GSK FLT 1.5″3854.015
3854.020NEO FLG GSK FLT 2″3854.020
3854.025NEO FLG GSK FLT 2.5″3854.025
3855.0121-1/4″ schedule 80 PVC pipe flange, van stone, socket3855.012
3855.0202″ schedule 80 PVC pipe flange, van stone, socket3855.020
3855.0303″ schedule 80 PVC pipe flange, van stone, socket3855.030
3856.0151½” PVC80 van stone x spigot flange3856.015
3856.0202″ PVC80 van stone x spigot flange3856.020
3856.0303″ PVC80 van stone x spigot flange3856.030
3857.0101″ Sch 80, PVC Union, Socket3857.010
3857.012Union, schedule 80, 1-1/4″ SxS3857.012
3857.0151 1/2″ Sch 80, PVC Union, Slip3857.015
3857.0202″ socket X socket Union, PVC Sch803857.020
3857.0303″ socket X socket Union, PVC Sch803857.030
3857.0404″ Sl X Sl Union3857.040
3858.0121-1/4″ NPTF X NPTF Union, PVC Sch80..Ryan Herco: 3858.0123858.012
3858.0202″ NPTF X NPTF Union, PVC Sch803858.020
3860.0151-1/2″ Flange Bolt Pack Kit, Zinc plated bolts, whashers, & nuts, w/neoprene gaskets3860.015
3860.0606″ flange bolt kit w/ gasket3860.060
3860.306316 SS. 1″ & 1-1/2″ Flange bolt Kit, washers, bolts, & nuts3860.306
3860.309Flange bolt kit, 4″, stainless steel3860.309
3861.134PVC NIPPLE N80 1″ X SH (2″)3861.134
3861.136Nipple, PVC80, 1″ x 4″long3861.136
3861.142PVC NIPPLE N80 1X10″3861.142
3861.1741-1/4″ x 5″ sch80 PVC nipple3861.174
3861.213PVC NIPPLE N80 1.5″XCL (1.75)3861.213
3861.2141-1/2″ x short nipple3861.214
3861.2171-1/2″ x 5″ sch80 PVC nipple3861.217
3861.2181-1/2″ x 6″ Sch 80 PVC nipple3861.218
3861.251PVC NIPPLE N80 2″XCL (2)3861.251
3861.2522″ x short nipple3861.252
3861.2562″ x 6″L nipple3861.256
3862.015Flange Gasket, Teflon Coated Ribbed, 1½” flange3862.015
3863.015EPDM flange gasket, 1-1/2″3863.015
3863.040EPDM flange gasket, 4″3863.040
3875.020Clear Sch80 PVC Cement3875.020
3875.030PVC CEMENT QT GRY 711 ..711 GRAY, QUART3875.030
3901Aquafine 120V cooling fan, CSL series UV system3901
3905.003PVC PIPE N80 3/8″3905.003
3905.0051/2″ Sch80 PVC Pipe3905.005
3905.010Sch 80 PVC 1″ Pipe3905.010
3905.0202″ Schd 80 PVC3905.020
04090HV Brush for Hess Dielectric Cell04090
4090Mazzei injector, 4″ MNPT, PVDF/Kynar, black4090
4091Mazzei injector, 4″ MNPT, PVDF/Kynar, black4091
4253EPDM Quartz sleeve O-Ring, black, 2 per sleeve4253
4258Strain relief4258
4264Strain relief seal4264
4770Heater, HTR 1NPT 0.4KW200/1 SST/INC 11.72B44770
4936.120PVC ELECTROMNI BALL VALVE 2″ T4936.120
5132.015Y-check valve, clear, 1-1/2″ spigot ends5132.015
5156.630Check valve, wafer style, butterfly swing check, PVC/EPDM, 3″5156.630
5162.005PVDF CK VLV 1/2″ MT5162.005
5165.012PVC SPR CK VLV 1.25″ S5165.012
5165.015PVC SPR CK VLV 1.5″ S5165.015
5165.020PVC SPR CK VLV 2″ S5165.020
5250.003PVC/TEFLON NEEDLE VALVE 3/8″ NPTF5250.003
5250.005PVC/TEF NDL VLV 1/2″ T5250.005
5279.010Diaphragm valve, PVC/EPDM, true union socket ends, 1″5279.010
5279.015Diaphragm valve, PVC/EPDM, true union socket ends, 1½”5279.015
5279.020Diaphragm valve, PVC/EPDM, true union socket ends, 2″5279.020
5279.030Diaphragm valve, PVC/EPDM, true union socket ends, 3″5279.030
5310Bolt kit for 6″ SNA flange5310
5335.1002 1/2″ Dial Glycerin filled, 1/4″ MPT Bottom port5335.100
5456.040PVC 4″ butterfly valve, lever, EPDM5456.040
5457.906Butterfly valve handle kit, 6″5457.906
5716Lateral for 36″ Pentair Tank w/4″ top & bottom ports and valve attached to the 4″ threaded top port5716
5719Workhorse 15 oxygen concentrator 115V/60Hz5719
5727Workhorse 15 International 220V/50Hz5727
5754Bolt kit for 10″ flange5754
5755Workhorse 23 oxygen concentrator 115V/60Hz5755
5769Workhorse 15 Profile oxygen concentrator 115V/60Hz5769
5772.50492/ASC01617566 SC 8261S406 24VDC, DIN COILED, 2-WAY N/C, BRASS SOL, 1/4″ NPT 24VDC5772.50492
5801.332King rotameter, 8-50GPM, 1-1/2″ MNPT, Acrylic, in-line5801.332
5804.660GF Industrial rotameter, 6.6 – 66.0 GPM, PVDF float, viton5804.660
5818.009Acrylic water flow meter, 1″ inlet & Outlet 20 gpm5818.009
5839.002Flow Meter, B&W, 0.1 – 1 GPM, inline, 3/8″ NPTM5839.002
5911.510PV8T010F 1″ PVC Sensor/Probe Insertion Fitting5911.510
6256System controller, w/lab grade ORP, pH, & temperature probes6256
6260RK2 system temp probe, 10′ cable6260
6263RK2 system pH probe, 10′ cable, waterproof connector6263
6265RK2 system ORP probe, 10′ cable, waterproof connector6265
6700.520Filter Cartridge, 20mic, 10″ Spiral Wound Polypropylene6700.520
7398SeQual gear motor, high torque, 120/220V 50/60Hz7398
7938Respirator Storage Cabinet, One-Door, White, 30¼” high7938
8000.352TEF THREAD TAPE 1/2″ X 520″8000.352
8040.020BLUE 75 THD SEALANT PNT8040.020
08090Hess HV Brush Connecting Rod08090
9501Enviro condensate management system, 65 cfm, 3.5 gallons, 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″ inlet, 1/2″ outlet, 34-140*F9501
10107Bolt kit for 16″ manway flange10107
0317.037Tubing, Teflon (PFA), 1/4″ OD / 1/8″ ID10317.0370
0319.037Tubing, Teflon (FEP), 1/4″ OD x 1/8″ ID10319.0370
0652.0031/4″ Kynar Jaco Gripper Nut10652.0030
0652.0053/8″ Kynar Jaco Gripper Nuts10652.0050
0657.0031/4″ Kynar Jaco Insert10657.0030
0657.0053/8″ Kynar Jaco Insert10657.0050
10849Hub & Lateral Kit for 36″ Filter Tank w/4″ Threaded Top & Bottom Port, valve on Top Port10849
10909Pin Link10909
12905Hose PTFE 12mm x 1mm, per meter, GSO50 (req 3 meters)12905
3805.0073/4″ X 3/4″ X 3/4″ FPT Sch 80 tee13805.0070
3805.0101″ X 1″ X 1″ Mpt Tee13805.0100
3839.1301″ MPT X 1/2″ Fpt Reducing Bushing13839.1300
3839.1311″ MPT X 3/4″ Fpt Reducing Bushing13839.1310
015127Solenoid Rebuild Kit, Burkett Valve 454147U, SET3-0255-000-0000-EE000000-015127..Spring, Plunger, and O-Ring in Kit015127
5847.250King rotameter, acrylic, 3/4″ FNPT vertical connections, 2.0GPM15847.2500
5847.253King rotameter, acrylic, 3/4″ FNPT vertical connections, 3.5GPM15847.2530
15873Teflon strip, GSO5015873
16133Wedeco GSO ozone cell connecting link, 25 per cell req’d16133
16518Aquafine 120V ballast for CSL series UV system16518
16673Aquafine UV system, Viton cylinder gasket, CSL-4R & 6R16673
6905.450Kynar, side-mount horizontal switch, 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 2-3/4″ long, 30 watt 220v max, 100 psi max16905.4500
6917.106316 SS, side-mount horizontal switch, 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 4-1/2″ long16917.1060
17043Temperature monitor, GSO10-50 (GSO40-50 use 2)17043
17489Cap, Aquafine UV, wire end17489
17491Aquafine UV Lamp SE standard 185-Blue, disinfection and ozone destruction applications17491
18059Aquafine UV Lamp SE standard 185-Blue, disinfection and ozone destruction applications18059
19366Aquafine HX series LED display board19366
19685Compression nut for UV lamp, CPVC, CSL series19685
24051Thyristor module, GSO10-40 (x2 per unit), 2 week lead24051
26758Colorimetric Badges, Ozone, Threshold Level (ppm x hr.): 0.08–1.6. Minimum Detectable Limit in 8 Hours: 0.01 ppm., pkg of 1026758
27001Ceramic plates27001
2700830G plasma block plates27008
028254Cabinet cooling fan, G-Series, HT100, 115V028254
30369OZ2BTU –> AIM20 upgrade kit, drive board and hardware only30369
30370OZ2BTU –> AIM20 upgrade kit, drive board, hardware, 2 cells30370
31011BF-1 backflow preventer, negative pressure systems31011
31025Flowmeter, 0-20 SCFH, for OZ4, 6, & 8BTUSS models31025
31072Flowmeter 0-10 SCFH for OZ2BTUSL-V/PM, SS needle valve31072
31157120 Gallon composite tank, 24″ x 72″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined31157
31163186 gallon composite tank, 30″ x 72″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined31163
31217265 Gallon composite tank, 36″ x 72″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base31217
31276345 gallon composite tank, 42″ x 72″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base31276
31390600 Gallon composite tank, 63″ x 67″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined31390
31418205 gallon composite tank, 36″ x 57″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined31418
31637**OBSOLETE, USE 37247** Flowmeter 0.35 – 3.5 m3/hr, GSO4031637
31640* obsolete * Use 37246 Wedeco GSO30 flowmeter, 0.15 – 1.5 m3/hr31640
31647463 gallon composite tank, 48″ x 72″ F-F, 16″ manway top 6″ SNA flange bottom connection, tripod base31647
31676Support sleeve, ferrule, 10mm, *need to verify part numbers31676
31682Intermediate circuit throttle, GSO10-40, (GSO40 uses 2)31682
316832 Pole rocker switch, illuminated, GSO10-4031683
31684Refrigeration unit, built in socket, GSO10-4031684
316853 Pole plug, GSO10-5031685
316866 Pole plug, GSO10-5031686
316873 Poles receptacle, GSO10-5031687
316886 Poles receptacle, GSO10-5031688
31689Display module, GSO10-50, #76-3168931689
31690Axial ventilator/cabinet fan, GSO10-4031690
31691GSO cabinet filter mat3169131691
31693Mains filter, single phase, GSO 10-4031693
31708Safety fuse, medium delay action, GSO10-40, 10A31708
3172110mm tube 90° fitting for GSO cooling water31721
31736Hose, PA, 10mm x 1mm, cooling water, Suggest 3 meters per GSO31736
32139100 Gallon composite tank, 24″ x 65″ F-F, 6″ SNA flange top and bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined32139
32225Air failsafe/flow switch, SPDT, for Ozotech Titanium series generators. Factory set to ~25 SCFH, ~20 is minimum. * When using an AS-12/Onyx, flow will be just enough. Adjust flowmeter lower if necessary.32225
32356800 gallon composite tank, 63″ x 86″ F-F, 16″ flange top, 10″ flange bottom connection, tripod base, PE lined32356
33004Manifold, 1 cell, Ozotech PCS, SS, AW, Mini and Poseidon Series33004
33013Ozotech single BT manifold assembly33013
33015Ozotech PCS and AW series 4 cell manifold33015
33228BTU series, stainless steel cell manifold, single, use with cell #??33228
33229BTU Series cell manifold, PVC, screw on, use with 40045-02 cell used on Black generator casing33229
33241Manifold, stainless steel, single, nylon nuts not included (units built in the year 2006 or after)33241
34048Hose PA 12mm/10mm, per meter, GSO50 (req 3 meters)34048
34120HV Transformer, GSO5034120
34139Mains filter, 3 phase, GSO5034139
34158Solenoid valve, GSO50, *Recommended spare34158
34393Flow meter 0.6 – 5.7 Nm3/hr, GSO50, **verify price34393
34429GSO10-30 HV Transformer34429