Grant Nichols

Regional Manager

Born in San Diego, Grant got his start in aquatics at SeaWorld of San Diego. He worked from the bottom up starting off as a maintenance diver before migrating to the Water Quality Department in a less immersive capacity as a Filtration Mechanic. Grant was offered an opportunity to be part of The San Diego Zoo’s efforts to create it’s own Life Support/Water Quality Department. He credits this as one of his most professionally challenging experiences. Some years later Grant was offered the opportunity to work with Kurita America as a UPW technician in the International Rectifier plant in Temecula, CA. Looking for a change, after almost 5 years, a chance meeting with John Overby led to a long-sought opportunity to work with OWS.

In his spare time, Grant wonders what it’s like to have spare time. He enjoys playing racquetball, fishing and spending time with family.