John Overby


John Overby graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Lying by the pool “unemployed” one day he spotted an ad for an Application Engineer for Ozone Research and Equipment Corporation (OREC). A call to his mentor Marshal Mallak resulted in a long time journey in the ozone industry… Here John began a journey that would become a passion: increasing global awareness of the benefits of ozone; first with OREC, then through company acquisitions and evolutions, with such companies as Osmonics and GE. John spent four years in ozone applications by supporting the worldwide sales efforts until Osmonics/GE purchased Lakewood Instruments, a cooling tower control company, and John went to work with this division to help expand ozone into the cooling tower industry. John then went to work for GDT Technologies in 2000 promoting ozone mass transfer equipment; integration of gas into water with the Mazzei injector and degassing separator technology was marketed and engineering assistance was offered. In 2002 John joined Ozone Water Systems and continues to lead the industry, delivering turnkey ozone systems to customers worldwide.

John is a proud member of the Porsche Club of America as well as the International Ozone Association. When not driving his car he can be found working or hiking down the Grand Canyon.