Mark Fisher


Mark Fisher began down the path towards a life with ozone in the early 1980s when he moved to the SF Bay area. After installing solar systems for a few years he started a solar service department for Stanford Energy, a solar and cogeneration micro-utility company. Then around 1988, he worked with National Water Management Corporation, which used ozone as a stand-alone water treatment for cooling towers, where he ran the service department and ensured new system successfulness by being the technical link between sales and engineering. When National Water Management Corporation lost its funding in the early 1990s, Mark started Ozone Water Systems, Inc. – a small regional ozone service company. In 2002, with the addition of John Overby, Ozone Water Systems became systems integrators and began providing “the right system for the right application”. Mark credits his dedicated teammates with giving Ozone Water Systems an edge in the marketplace by making it a stronger, more flexible and fun company to be a part of.